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How is it that our society has advanced in so many ways yet we remain controlled.  Through the ages there have been ‘the masses’ and most of us are it.  I have to laugh when someone proclaims that ‘people are stupid, they are sheep’ yet that, most times, includes them.

It is true that we are enslaved in so many ways, but my thoughts at the moment of massive lay offs, my own included, is jobs.  We seem to desperately attach ourselves to a JOB as if it is a life saver, when most of them are really ‘life’ killers.  For those who love routine, there is usually that aspect that pleases them, but not all people crave routine, or the same desk, parking place, limited tasks….monotony.  We’ve all seen the movies of people becoming more drone-like and once or twice I found that I had to pause on my 8+ minute journey from my car to my desk, and as I looked around everyone seemed to have the same dull look on their face, carrying briefcases and bags or dragging a piece of luggage that carried the work they took home.

More than one of us in our drone-like state has said or agreed that it’s not the job that keeps me here it’s the people…..  well, there’s one thing.  I believe we can make friends with many people in many circumstances and I have many wonderful, long-time friends that I have met through the corporate environment, but I’m hoping those friendships don’t keep me at a job that does not serve me (and I hope that for others too).  And… when you work in one of the higher paying industries, you constantly hear that ‘you can’t make this kind of money anywhere else!’  And everyone shakes their heads in agreement.  Yet, most of them are in trouble financially, living paycheck to paycheck.  Uh-oh, so the job is boring, the pay is not a healthy exchange, but ‘it’s the best you can do’??

Perhaps these massive lay offs that are happening in the US will create an opportunity for more people to awaken from their half-sleep.  I see many who are very afraid to be let go from this treadmill, but many are using this lay off to either think and work outside their box, or at least expand the boundaries of their box.  Those of us in this lay off spot may find that we now have different needs and may even slog forward to create businesses that fulfill these new needs.

Understanding that most people feel that jobs provide security, I still say that a lay off may be scary, but one may be able to create a better security for one’s life and family outside the confines of Corporate Amerika.  Each year large corporations are cutting health care coverage, 401K contributions, pensions and most other benefits especially for the non-exempt employees.  The security of one good job for 30 years is all but gone.  It could be time for even the most scared employee to ‘cut your losses’ and really find ways to make life more independent and interconnected instead of more and more dependent on some entity that cares nothing for ‘the masses’.

I, for one, am looking forward to a few months to recreate my life to fit into more of a community effort than a serfdom.  Somewhat scary, but 1) I didn’t choose it, and 2) it could be the greatest thing to happen to me.  Onward and Upward!


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