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Why start another damn blog?  So what if I have discovered WordPress?  Everybody seems to have a freakin’ blog.   And who cares if I feel the need to impart my wisdom to our ever-growing cyberneighborhood?  Well, in that regard I must say that I’m ever so excited that more and more people are blogging.  Our world is instantly expanded, depending on how interesting we are.  That goes for the blogger and those who comment (both generate conversation and AHA! Moments).  And being a Gemini, I celebrate the diversity of bloggers’ topics.

The first version of ‘Thoughts and Philosophies’ was created by my big sister, Carolyn Manning.  Cancer ended her travels on this 3D Earth plane in February, 2009, yet I feel that we have not heard the last from her.  Perhaps that will be through my including some of her writings into this blog.  Carolyn named her blog “Thoughts and Philosophies” and I could think of no better title for my own, so I am hoping to continue the expansion of Carolyn’s passion and not just steal her title.  Perhaps it was lack of imagination on my part but I felt a need to connect hers and mine.  Before she died, we had begun a discussion of how I could join her in her blog adventure where my concentration would be directed toward Arts and Spirituality, two of my passions, and she would concentrate on the Business aspects.

I am connected to a very large number of creative people whose websites and blogs and work I plan to share here.  This society does not value Art or Spirituality to the extent it does Math and Science, but it’s been proven that we need them all.  We are a world of multifaceted human beings, no limits.  Let’s explore where those damn little walls are and keep pushing them further until they are eliminated.  We might even get to the point where we examine the Art and/or Spirituality of Math and Science.  I know it’s there!

We are living in unprecedented times.  Let’s create what we want, reach for the Moon AND the stars, and open up even more lines of communication and maybe use more than that 10% of these brains.  What the heck do we have to lose??


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