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Everything is Sacred

Most of us are raised to keep holy the Sabbath, or some version of that.  Keep at least one day sacred.  In Pennsylvania we used to have ‘Blue’ laws and one was (something to the effect) that businesses were closed on Sundays.  This meant no shopping especially, but it has been so long ago that they have been overturned that I can hardly remember the simplicity this offered our lives.  This was probably more directed toward a Christian based society that I grew up in, but I’m sure there were Jews and Muslims who lived in PA.  I never really thought about them then because I didn’t know any.

Now I’m an Interfaith Minister, on purpose.  I choose to celebrate all religious practices based in Peace and Joy and Love.  Every single week brings some sacred idea to celebrate and to ponder.  I now know that Muslims pray ‘at least’ 5 times a day.  That makes sacred at least 5 snipets of every single day.  That was the one concept that really meant something special to me of all the spiritual teachings I have learned in my entire life.  How is it that we ‘fit in’ our spirituality on a Sunday morning or a Saturday night for an hour or two?  How do we make meaningful every other hour until we participate in that weekly ritual of going to some house of worship?  How do we?

Do we at least bless our food? ..say our prayers before we go to sleep or as we awaken?  Mindfully bless a person who just stopped their little heart with a sneeze?  Do we bless as much as we curse?  I don’t mean those curse words like Damnit!, Oh Hell, Son of a Bitch, or the occasional F-bomb…I mean when we curse the person who just pulled out in front of us, or that stupid menu when you call the phone company (please listen carefully as our menu has changed….Are You Kidding ME?  I don’t have time for this!!)….or that jerk taking up two parking places…

I’m betting you won’t feel like blessing them right after you curse them, but I’m beginning a habit of listening to myself when I curse that person taking up two parking places in front of my house which means I have to park two blocks away.  I tell myself that I can bless the fact that I have 2 working legs that could use the exercise and my lungs will be better for it too…especially if I have to carry all my groceries those two blocks.  As I said, I’m ‘beginning’ this practice and I don’t always catch myself, but it helps me to also begin to make every second sacred.

I’m feeling a little more contemplative these days..perhaps it’s a phase I’m going through, perhaps it’s winter…perhaps it is the Shift of the Ages.  No matter.  I decided to work it for any ounce of knowledge or wisdom I can glean.  Every second is nothing if not sacred and special and precious.  Everything extends from that.  We are all made up of the same ‘stuff’ – stuff like molecules and atoms and such.  Helps me to realize that We ARE All One.  There is a reason we are here and this is the perfect time of year to go within and contemplate that our individuality is a part of the Whole.


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